Our investment philosophy is based on our belief in the power of the Ripple Effect spreading the impact and benefit of our investment and expertise.



We invest in Sub-Saharan Africa in a socially responsible way and generate superior returns for our investors.


To select our collaborations, we assess a range of key attributes potential investee company may already possess or has the potential to achieve.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is predicated on our belief in the power of the Ripple Effect – a core feature of Salt Capital’s investment strategy. We embrace the principle that investing private capital in Africa cannot simply be driven by monetary returns, but it must also facilitate and reinforce the broader objectives of social responsibility, human development and good governance. We firmly believe, given the nature of the region, that investment returns and regional development need to work ‘hand-in-hand’. 

We therefore invest in Sub-Saharan Africa in a socially responsible way and generate superior returns for our investors. Our investment approach has been honed over years from within the private equity, investment banking and M&A advisory industries, both in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, and our expertise covers the full spectrum of the private equity value chain, the equity and debt capital markets, credit structuring as well as operational experience.

Our diverse experience underpins the four key advantages of investing with Salt Capital


Our standout strength lies is our ability to build collaborative and impactful partnerships with the management teams of investee companies and other key stakeholders – a strength that underpins our strong performance to date.



We identify companies that have a defensible market-leading position in their sector and region, or have the capability to become market leaders with a requirement for expansion capital.


We use our extensive network among business owners, exceptional managers, industry experts and leading advisors to gain early access to high-quality opportunities and outstanding management teams.



We adopt an open and flexible “Partnership Approach” by backing strong management teams with proven ability, a comprehensive understanding of, and exceptional experience in, their relevant industry sectors.


With the power of the Ripple Effect

Our Mandate

US$5 - 15

million deal size




mainly SADC

Alignment to

our skills:

These businesses are typically owner-operated (family owned), entrepreneurial and generally welcome our input and contribution. We target a shareholding of between 26% to 65%, which we believe gives us a sufficient shareholding to exert an appropriate degree of influence

Less competition:

In an environment where there is generally less capital allocated to transactions in the SME space, in our experience there are a higher number of investment opportunities available with a need for growth capital



We seldom participate in competitive processes, deal flow tends to be relationship driven and a strong network is essential

Growth capital:

Historically we invested the majority of our capital as growth or expansion capital, we will broadly continue with this strategy going forward


SADC is the key focus area of Salt Capital

An area of 16 member countries with a population of 350m people


Strong & experienced management

Industry with high barriers to entry

Multiple areas to create or unlock value

Proven business model


Willingness to embrace change

Aligned interest to realise maximum value

Defensive or strong market position

Predictable & growing cashflows

High growth sector

Scalable business model

Developmental angles